Sunday, January 10, 2010

Mommy Plays The Organ (Part 2)

It's Sunday again.  Time for another attempt at playing the organ at church.  I had high hopes that today would be much better than last Sunday; I remembered how to adjust the master volume, plus my kids had proved to me that they knew how to be reverent during Sacrament meeting.

All went well during the prelude music.

The opening hymn was Scatter Sunshine.

If you are familiar with the church hymns and have experience playing some of them, you probably know that while this song isn't particularly difficult, it is a bit more challenging than the bulk of the songs in the hymn book.  Particularly on the organ where it's a struggle to know when to connect the notes, or not.

So I start playing, and my kids start fighting (Um, hello?  Were they not paying attention?  They are supposed to be scattering sunshine!).

They end up walking up to the organ and fighting while I am struggling to play the hymn.  I am now attempting to play the hymn (FAIL!), watch the chorister (EPIC FAIL!), and discipline my children (SUCCESS!).  I forced them to sit on the stand and be quiet.

The congregation had the benefit of seeing my children look something like this until we could return to our pew:

I think they looked like this, except Sara is about 3 years older now.
And she was more mad than she was in this picture.
And Rebecca was mad too.
So yeah, just use your imagination...

Today was an example of why I should not be the ward organist.  Surely there must be somebody else?


  1. That's too funny. Not now, but I bet you will laugh about it later. Don't kids care what others think? Shouldn't they be on their best behavior in public. Not mine either. The worst fighting for me happens in my car. Too close to each other for too long I suppose.

  2. I think it time for another of those "chats" with our youngins. Silly little girls.


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