Friday, March 26, 2010

Mommy Is In Trouble

When Matthew fell asleep today, I decided to let him take his nap on our family room couch. I wanted to keep him within ear-shot while I worked on cleaning up the dungeon (aka basement). I pushed our gigantic and very heavy coffee table over to the couch, so that Matthew couldn't roll off of it while he was sleeping, and got to work.

A little while later, there was the sound of much crashing and banging and crinkling of paper. Furious that George, our cat, was on top of the coffee table and causing all the ruckus, I charged upstairs, ready to scare that gosh-darn cat.

But it wasn't George.

It was Matthew.

That clever little boy woke up, managed to get himself into a sitting position (something he had never done by himself before), and had discovered the table full of treasures.

Someone Is Very Pleased With Himself

I am in SO much trouble now.


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